Monday, 30 March 2015

Tailor Shop at Westfield

Sew Interesting!

Did you know that the Tailor shop is home to a collection of sewing machines including two Canadian made machines?
On display is the Charles Raymond No. 1 treadle sewing machine circa. 1871 that was originally built in Guelph, Ontario. Charles Raymond  was one of the most respected citizens in Guelph at the time and owned the largest company in the city during the height of his day.

Also on display is a circa. 1867-1869 Wanzer sewing machine originally built in Hamilton, Ontario. Richard Mott Wanzer moved to Hamilton around 1859 and started a factory of his own producing the first Canadian manufactured sewing machine.  He eventually employed about every one in 30 residents in the city of Hamilton.

So on your next visit to Westfield Heritage Village be sure to stop by the Tailor shop and visit with the Tailor and Tailoress to find out more about these and other sewing machines on display as well as the many different sewing projects that are being worked on throughout the year.  

See you there!

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