Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sweet! Maple Syrup Festival in Full Swing

Sweet!  Maple Syrup Festival in Full Swing

The trees are tapped, the sap is dripping and the fires are crackling– it must be maple syrup time at Westfield!


In the village’s Early Settlement area, visitors are learning how maple sugar was produced for generations by Canada’s First Nations communities, and how these techniques were shared with the first European immigrants.  This process involves placing hot stones into a hollowed out log filled with sap.  A labour-intensive but effective process!

At the D’Aubigny Inn, visitors are finding out how early 19thcentury pioneers used a series of iron cauldrons to produce large quantities of delicious syrup.  A smokey, steamy, sticky business!

 A short walk into the sugar bush leads to the modern sugar shack, where you can taste some of Westfield’s very own maple syrup.   Mmm!

Here are Lady and Rose taking visitors on a wagon ride through the village, with an optional stop at the Sugar Shack.

Ella checks out a sap bucket

The Sweet Taste of Spring maple syrup festival takes place every Sunday in March, as well as March 13, 14 and on Good Friday, March 29, 2013.

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