Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Westfield Invaded Over Holiday Weekend   

The village was bustling this Victoria Day weekend as nearly 150 re-enactors, camp followers and merchants moved in and set up camp for a new programme - Life in 1812 Upper Canada.  Visitors on Sunday and Monday were treated to a glimpse of what life was like in Upper Canada during this time of military conflict, rapid social change, and a growing sense of national identity.

Throughout the weekend, there were opportunities for visitors to watch troop inspections, participate in "mini militia" training, survey campsites and chat with soldiers and their families in their authentic camps.  Daily skirmishes filled the air with shouts, smoke and the boom of musket fire, as officers barked orders and troops marched and fired on command. 

Quiter moments could also be enjoyed, tasting bread fresh out of the bake oven, visiting the more than thirty-five historic buildings on site, or listening to the gorgeous sounds of the Rosewood Consort, who entertained visitors in the church with their Early and Baroque music.  Historian John Bryden also presented a lecture each day in the Mountsberg Church, speaking about Brock's travels throughout Upper Canada.  All in all, a terrific, bustling weekend!

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