Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cold Comfort: Surviving the Canadian Winter

Winter survival tip No 35: get married!

"The cold is at this time so intense, that the ink freezes while I write, and my fingers stiffen round the pen; a glass of water by my bed-side, within a few feet of the hearth... is a solid mass of ice in the morning."
-Mrs. Anna Jameson, describing her first winter in Upper Canada in 1836.

On Family Day, February 20, 2012, Westfield Heritage Village will give visitors a glimpse of how early Canadians not only survived, but thrived, in this wintry climate. For early settlers, winter was a popular time for marriage. The dashing young Mr. Ensign Harrison Burrill, resplendent in his military uniform, will pledge his allegience to the lovely Miss Stirling, who will wear her best gown for the occasion. The Reverend William Wheeler will officiate. All are welcome to take a seat in the Mountsberg Church and witness an early Canadian wedding.

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